When you seek out new insulation for your home in Roseville, CA, one of the main terms you will come across is R-Value. The R-Value provides a lot of details about insulation and specifically on how well the insulation will perform in your home.

The more you understand the meaning and importance of R-Value, the better decisions you can make for insulation upgrades and changes to your home.

The Definition of R-Value

The R-Value is how much heat resistance the insulation provides for a home. This includes heat resistance in both directions. So the R-Value will prevent heat from entering the home during warmer months and prevent heat from escaping the home during colder months. The higher number found in the R-Value means that the insulation provides more resistance and protection.

Manufacturers of insulation can determine the R-Value of insulation based on a formula. As a homeowner, you don’t need to do the full breakdown of those equations. The best way to compare insulation is through the number represented after the R. For example, insulation with a rating of R-20 will perform better than one with a rating of R-10. Simply know that the higher the number, the better performing the insulation is. This will usually reflect in the price point of the insulation because products with higher R-Values will typically have higher costs. In some cases, the costs of the materials could impact the prices as well. For example, foam-based insulation will typically cost more than insulation blankets, even if the R-Value is the same. When comparing the same type of material, you will notice the differences between prices with the increase in R-Values.

R-Values and Climate Maps

Whether it’s through a local contractor or the official Energy Star website, you can study climate maps to read the recommended R-Value minimums for the Roseville area. In colder climates, a higher R-Value is recommended to help combat the cold and reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences on a daily basis.

When you see the R-Values on climate maps, you are looking at the minimal amount for the most effectiveness. In many cases, you can have better performance when you choose insulation with a higher R-Value than the recommendation. The R-Value recommendations will also depend on where you install the insulation. If you seek an attic installation, then you may want a higher R-Value because a home’s attic is one of the biggest areas for heat loss. Better insulation will protect the rest of the home.

There are typically separate recommendations for walls. These extra details allow you to plan out your options and make the best decisions for your home.

R-Values and Layers of Insulation

Extra layers of insulation material can change the total amount of R-Value your home has. When professionals add in extra insulation, those R-Values can add up to bigger numbers and better performance. For example, if you add a layer of R-20 and R-10 insulation on top of each other, then the rating for the wall will equal R-30.

These simple calculations make it easy to add to your current insulation if you don’t plan on home contractors removing what you already have. For example, the bottom layer of your attic may already have a layer of R-15 insulation. If contractors add R-30 foam insulation over it, then you will have a total of R-45 protection through the whole attic. The R-Values will add up the same no matter what types of materials are used. An R-15 is the same whether the material comes in foam or fiberglass.

R-Values & Insulation Materials

When you plan out insulation services for your home in Roseville, you will notice that specific materials have higher R-values than others. The R-Values of these materials are naturally higher because they provide better insulation for the home.

The insulation with lower R-Values includes blown-in loose insulation or insulation blankets. Blown-in loose insulation is typically made with a cellulose material. The material often includes recycled paper products like newspapers and cardboard boxes. Small wood chips get mixed with the material to provide more insulation. Before modern materials and improvements in the industry, a majority of homes would rely on insulation blankets. These blankets would typically come in roll form and roll out flat for use in walls or attic spaces.

If you want to find insulation with the highest R-Values, then consider foam-based insulation. The insulation comes in two different forms. Spray foam insulation gets sprayed directly into walls or attic spaces. Foam board features solid foam materials and will typically be installed between an exterior wall and a piece of sheet rock. Contractors can provide you with the R-Values of each material so you can compare, budget, and decide on the best options.

Other Advantages of High R-Values

When you hire a company to improve the insulation in your home, the use of materials with higher R-Values will come with other advantages as well. The thickness of material with higher R-Values will not just block the flow of heat; but the material will also act as a natural sound barrier. If you live on a street with high traffic, the insulation can help reduce car noise. You can pair insulation with windows that also have high R-Values, which can improve the sound reduction even further.

The sound barriers work from room to room as well. For example, if you have a home entertainment room, you do not need to disturb other rooms in the home with loud movies or television shows. The flow of your home will feel much better with added insulation.

Through a home testing service, our HVAC professionals can determine the best R-Value insulation needed for your walls or attic. An insulation service can make a big impact on the heat flow in and out of your house. You will ultimately save on energy costs, especially if you choose materials with higher R-Values. You may pay more for the materials up front, but your heating and cooling savings will add up over time, and you will end up saving a lot more money than you actually spent.

Along with insulation services in Northern California, we offer a wide range of other services to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we are proud to offer the installation of whole-home fans to improve airflow. We can also install attic fans to push warm air out of your home. Other services we offer include a wide range of HVAC services, like the installation of a new furnace or hot water heater. We also offer air conditioning services like the installation of a central air unit, air conditioner tune-ups, and duct installations. Consider air quality services as well, so you know the energy-efficient air you breathe in is clean and healthy for everyone in your family.

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