With our industry-leading products and certified crew, we make electric water heater replacement a seamless experience.

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Expert Installations of High-Quality Electric Water Heaters

When your water heater system relies on electricity to function, you need to know that you are working with a professional company when the time comes to invest in replacement electric water heaters in Northern California. At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we are a certified, full-service provider of electric water heaters that are built for long-term performance.

Our electric water heater installers have years of industry experience, extensive training, and a commitment to providing a five-star experience you can feel—guaranteeing that your water heater services exceed your expectations.

Keep Your Home Running with Replacement Electric Water Heaters

While you might wish you had more options available to you when your electric home water heater needs replacing, having your home set up to handle an electric water heater has several advantages.

At EHA Solutions, we can help you to maximize the value that you get from your investment by offering water heaters that are expertly manufactured—with benefits that make them:
  • Affordable: Electric water heaters do not require venting to install in the home, making installation much easier and more affordable. Overall, they also cost less to purchase, and we offer flexible financing to help ease the burden of replacement!
  • Efficient: An electric home water heater can reduce heat loss from the tank and exhaust gasses found in a gas unit, helping to save you money on continually heating up water for your home throughout the year.
  • Long-Lasting: On average, replacement electric water heaters last longer than gas systems, and simpler construction makes it less likely that you will need to repair and replace parts over their lifespan.
  • Safe:Traditional gas water heaters use a pilot light and natural gas to heat the water inside the tank, but electric water heaters eliminate the risk of combustion with their electrical components and ignition systems.

Discover More About Our Electric Water Heater Products and Services

Whether you need service for your existing water heater or are looking into options for the installation of new water heaters in Northern California, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions can deliver the quality, value, and performance you are looking for with our impressive product selection. Learn about the advantages of our electric water heaters and other high-quality products today by giving us a call, or request your free quote and consultation now by filling out our online form!

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