When you are looking for experts in plumbing and HVAC in Oakland, CA, come straight to Environmental Heating & Air Solutions. We offer a wide selection of services and systems under one roof, so you’ll only ever have one number to call. Whether you need advice on a new heating and cooling system, or you’re considering water heater installation, we’re here to give you the best advice and service.

    Oakland HVAC and Plumbing Professionals

    With years of experience and a team that won’t stop until you are happy, it’s easy to see why we’re a leading name for HVAC and plumbing services today. No matter which of our services you choose, you can always ensure dependable service every step. Call us now to schedule a home visit at a time to suit you.

    Your Experts in HVAC in Oakland

    For years now, we’ve been providing heating and cooling services in Oakland that are second to none. Our team is on hand to assist you with any aspect of HVAC repairs or installations, and we also help with maintenance. From efficient AC systems and furnaces to heat pumps and ductless mini-splits, we offer knowledge and some of the best systems available to homeowners today. Whether you are looking for emergency repairs or you’re considering an upgrade to your existing HVAC system, we have you and your comfort covered. Call our team today and discover what a difference we can make to your energy costs.

    Here are just some of the HVAC services we have to offer:
    • Heating and cooling repairs
    • HVAC installation
    • HVAC tune-ups
    • Emergency HVAC service
    • Indoor air quality

    The Only Plumbing Team You Need

    The Only Plumbing Team You Need

    If you’re in need of a dependable plumbing service, call us right away. We can help you with a wide range of plumbing services, including water heater installation, tankless water heaters, and water leak protection. Our experienced plumbers will give you the best service at all times and ensure you are satisfied with any work carried out. Perhaps you’re interested in having access to constant hot water instead of waiting for the water to heat up every morning. We can give you the lowdown on the latest tankless water heaters and arrange installation at your convenience.

    We can help with the following plumbing services:
    • Water heater installation
    • Tankless water heaters
    • Water leak protection
    • Water heater repairs
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    At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we offer the highest standard of services regarding plumbing and HVAC in Oakland. You only need to call us once and we’ll be there to restore your plumbing and heating and cooling to perfect working order.