More and more people are noticing the advantages of using a tankless water heater. Not only do these appliances provide an endless supply of hot water, but they also help homeowners save energy and money. In fact, they come with a long line of other benefits as well, such as the ability to heat water directly, avoiding the need for a storage tank. For now, let’s take a look at the top 11 reasons to install a tankless water heater in your Roseville home.

1. Higher Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters increase a home’s energy efficiency by heating water on demand. This means they don’t endure standby heat loss like traditional storage tanks do. The on-demand heating approach also improves energy efficiency because it doesn’t waste electricity trying to reheat water in the tank.

2. Saves Space

When compared to conventional water heaters with tanks, tankless models are more space-efficient due to their small size. It also helps that you can install them on the wall rather than having them sit on the floor and take up living space. Apartments, houses and other smaller dwellings with limited storage space can greatly benefit from them.

3. Longer Lifespan

Because of their design and operation, tankless water heaters last much longer than conventional heaters with tanks. These heaters heat water on demand, as opposed to tank heaters that keep a significant amount of water heated at all times, which lessens the strain that comes with trying to keep a water heater filled with hot water. Due to the reduced amount of stress and corrosion experienced by their components, tankless water heaters provide dependable performance for a longer duration. With consistent upkeep, these units may last even longer, with some enjoying lifespans of 25 years or longer.

4. Continuous Hot Water

A lot of people use tankless water heaters because of the on-demand heating function, which makes them more convenient and comfortable. Tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water. This means you can take long, relaxing showers, wash dishes and do other tasks without running out of hot water.

5. Lower Energy Bills

Tankless hot water heaters contribute to significant savings on water and electricity bills. These savings occur as a result of several factors. For starters, the on-demand heating operation that they use means that your home uses less electricity and water. Plus, unlike traditional storage tanks, tankless heaters don’t store hot water, preventing standby heat loss and further minimizing energy waste. Because they have a longer lifespan, you don’t have to replace tankless water heaters as often as traditional models, which helps you save even more money.

6. Better Temperature Control

Due to their ability to heat water on demand, tankless water heaters provide much better temperature control. In contrast to storage tank systems, which often experience unexpected temperature changes, tankless ones allow users to manage the temperature using intuitive controls.

7. Increase Home Value

Due to the numerous advantages they offer, such as lower energy costs and greater convenience, tankless water heaters are very popular among homebuyers. The installation of a tankless water heater can boost a home’s resale value since it improves the home’s aesthetics and functionality, which is in line with current market trends. Some studies show that homes with tankless water heaters tend to secure a four percent higher asking price than homes without them.

8. Incentives

To incentivize energy-efficient improvements, some governments and utility companies provide rebates, tax credits or financing programs. These incentive programs encourage sustainability. By participating in these programs, homeowners may reduce the initial investment required to install a tankless water heater.

9. Less Risk of Water Damage

There is a substantial risk of water damage from a traditional water heater’s tank, which stores hot water that can leak. Instead of storing water and increasing the risk of leaks or ruptures, tankless types heat water only when needed. They allow homeowners to rest easy knowing that water-related accidents are less likely to happen in their homes.

10. Lower Maintenance Costs

Tankless water heaters require much less maintenance than standard water heaters with tanks. Tankless technologies eliminate the need to store water and instead heat it up as needed, eliminating the potential problems that come with collecting water. And since there is no tank, there’s no need to flush out any sediment buildup. Standard water heaters, on the other hand, need frequent servicing due to silt accumulation, corrosion and leakage. Since tankless heaters require less maintenance, this means homeowners enjoy lower maintenance costs.

11. Adaptable Installation

Flexible installation choices are a major perk of tankless water heaters. In terms of positioning, these units are versatile because of their small size and ability to mount on walls. Because of their compact design and absence of a large storage tank, you can install them in a variety of places, including places with limited space, such as utility rooms or closets. In addition, since there is no need to move the tankless water heater further away from the sink or other appliance, less heat will escape via the pipes and the water will remain hotter for a longer period of time. This flexibility in installation leads to more efficient use of space and guarantees that hot water is available at all times in all locations throughout the home.

How to Decide If Your Home Needs a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater may or may not be necessary for your house, depending on a number of variables. The first thing you should consider is how much hot water your home needs. A tankless system can satisfy larger demands more effectively than a standard tank heater, making it a good choice for large families or those who often operate numerous appliances at the same time.

It’s also important to consider the available area carefully; tankless units are small and can easily fit on the wall, which frees up valuable floor space. A tankless water heater is a good option for homes with limited space or those who want a more minimalist design. It’s also helpful to consider your home’s energy use. Going tankless is an excellent way to reduce the amount of energy that your home uses.

Even though a tankless water heater may cost more than a standard heater with a tank, it can end up costing less to operate in the long run because of the energy efficiency that it provides. When making your selection, keep in mind that tankless units have a prolonged lifetime and might potentially save you money on your energy bills.

Need help deciding whether to buy a tankless hot water heater? Environmental Heating & Air Solutions can perform a site assessment at your home to help you make the best choice. We also help Roseville homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency through a variety of heating and cooling services. Give Environmental Heating & Air Solutions a call now to learn all about the benefits of installing a tankless water heater.

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