When the temperature dips, you’re going to want to fire up your furnace. First, though, you should make sure that your heating system is ready for that. Plus, scheduling in the fall offers better appointment flexibility. Calling for a professional maintenance service is the best way to prepare your HVAC unit for cooler weather. Each fall, have a technician from Environmental Heating & Air Solutions in Roseville perform a tune-up on your furnace or heat pump.

Cleaning the System

Your heating system sat unused over the spring and summer, so it may have accumulated dirt and dust. One of the first things that your technician will do during a preventative maintenance call is clean the various parts. The parts that benefit from professional cleaning include the blower, the flame sensor and the furnace cabinet.

This maintenance can help your system work more efficiently. It can also prevent damage from blockages or debris buildup. We also offer air duct cleaning and sealing for optimal air quality and efficiency.

Changing the Filter

Your furnace will run better with a clean filter. An old filter full of dust will hamper the system’s airflow. This causes undue stress on the system and decreases its efficiency. By starting the season with a clean filter, you may be able to keep your power bills in check.

Plus, a dirty filter isn’t as effective at trapping the dust and other particles in your indoor air. Putting in a fresh filter can help your family breathe more easily this winter.

After your maintenance visit, this is a task that you can keep up with on your own throughout the year. Your heating and cooling professional can provide tips about which filters to use and how often to change them.

Tightening the Connections

Your system has many electrical components. Each one links to the next. Your furnace might stop working if a connection loosens or comes undone during the heating season. It could also be a safety hazard.

Fortunately, the electrical connections are something that a professional maintenance tech is sure to check. If any are coming loose, the technician will tighten them.

That way, it’s less likely that your system will stop working midwinter. You won’t need to schedule a repair appointment and wait to find out what’s wrong with your furnace. Instead, you’ll stay warm and comfortable all season.

Lubricating the Components

There are many moving parts to a furnace. Friction can keep them from turning or sliding easily. The more friction there is, the more power your system draws. That can increase your gas or electric bills.

There’s an easy fix for this: lubricating the parts. Your tech will know exactly which parts on your particular model need lubrication. Possible spots include the blower motor and the bearings.

Not only does lubrication improve efficiency, but it can also reduce wear on your system. Your furnace or heat pump works hard year after year. Over time, excessive friction can cause damage to the parts. You may avoid repairs or a system breakdown by making sure that your system gets lubricated every year.

Looking for Repair Concerns

No one hopes for a furnace repair bill. In general, though, you’d probably rather have your furnace repaired now than make an emergency call on the chilliest day of the year.

During a maintenance visit, your heating technician will inspect your system closely from top to bottom.

The technician may look for:

  • Combustion chamber holes
  • Damage to the heat exchanger
  • Flame sensor cracks
  • Tilted burners

At this point, any issues a technician spots may be rather minor. That’s the best time to fix them. Small repairs are usually a lot cheaper than big ones. They might require fewer parts and lower labor costs.

If you delay small repairs, the problem can get worse and worse. Eventually, there may be additional parts that will require replacement as a result. Worse, your system may simply stop working. In some cases, damage to your system can even become a safety hazard.

Fortunately, a professional furnace tune-up in the fall can often prevent such problems. Thanks to early detection, your system may be as good as new by the time the heating season begins.

Of course, there may be a chance that your heating professional will spot a major problem during your tune-up. In that case, it may be advisable to replace your furnace instead of repairing it. Depending on the system, people keep their furnaces for one to three decades. If you’ve had yours for quite a while, replacement might be the most sensible option.

As with repairs, early fall is usually the best time to install a new furnace. You can get the job done before you’re counting on your heating system every day. When the season begins, you’ll have a new, energy-efficient furnace ready to go.

Calibrating the Thermostat

You probably have a preferred temperature for your home, and you want your furnace to help you achieve it. If your thermostat isn’t properly calibrated, you might not get the desired results.

Thermostat calibration is a common step in heating maintenance visits. A pro can use a thermometer or a calibration tool to check whether your thermostat readings match the actual temperature in your home.

Since conditions in your home or office can change from year to year, it makes sense to have your thermostat calibrated every fall.

Checking the Operation

Early fall is the best time for a maintenance visit because it’s before most people need to turn on the furnace. It makes sense to have a pro look at your system in advance of using it each year. That way, you can feel confident about firing it up on the first chilly day.

Your furnace maintenance professional will turn on your heating system at some point during your tune-up visit. The tech will look and listen to see how things are operating. If there are any strange noises, odd smells or other problems, you can count on an experienced pro to notice them. Then, the technician can figure out the source of the issue and make a plan for correcting it.

This is good for your safety too. If something goes wrong when starting up the system, you’ll have a pro right there to catch it. While the furnace is running, the tech can also check the carbon monoxide level. Your technician can make sure that the system is properly vented and pay attention to features like the safety shutoff.

Once it’s time to start running your heater for the year, you’ll feel confident that your system is safe and ready.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is your source for furnace and heat pump maintenance, installation and repair. We perform these services for cooling systems as well and offer a range of indoor air quality services. Plus, you can count on our experienced team to take care of your plumbing needs, including water heater installation and leak detection. Make a call today to schedule your appointment with Environmental Heating & Air Solutions in Roseville.

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