When you’re looking for a team that can help with mini-split installation in Elk Grove, CA, you can’t go wrong when you choose Environmental Heating & Air Solutions. With our years of experience and efficient and dependable state-of-the-art systems, you can be sure you’ll get great service and value for money.

An AC mini-split system is one of the best comfort upgrades you can make to your home and you’ll notice the difference immediately. This is especially the case if you’ve been relying on an old and inefficient system for some years. One of the biggest benefits of a mini-split system is that you can split your home into zones and have a unit installed in each zone.

This allows you to set different temperatures in these different zones or even turn cooling off altogether. After all, why cool an area of your home that isn’t occupied by anybody? These systems are efficient anyway but really come into their own when you personalize the temperature. Why not speak to our mini-split installer team today to find out more about our services and systems?