When you’re looking for a heat pump service in San Ramon, CA, the team at Environmental Heating & Air Solutions has you covered. We offer all the services you need in one place, including heat pump installation and heat pump repair. If your heat pump is malfunctioning, or you’d like to find out more about the many benefits of these systems, we can help. Perhaps your system is not responding to the thermostat, or maybe you have warm air coming through your vents when it should be cool.

The great news is that our technicians are experts in heat pumps and will restore your system back to perfect working order before you know it. Heat pumps offer heating and cooling in one unit. They are highly efficient and put you in complete control of your home’s climate. They also offer excellent cost savings compared to other systems. We’d love to tell you more and provide you with a cost-effective estimate. Call our team today to get started.