Programmable thermostats are one of the trendiest advancements in the HVAC industry right now. Companies like Nest and ecobee promise to revolutionize the HVAC system and make it far easier to control your home’s temperature. However, if your current traditional thermostat is working just fine, you might wonder if it’s a good idea to make the switch. Do programmable smart thermostats really live up to the hype? To see if this thermostat style is right for you, it’s helpful to learn a little about its benefits. Here are some of the main reasons to try a smart thermostat.

Save Money on Utility Bills

One of the big reasons that people go with smart thermostats is to save money. These thermostats cost a bit more than a traditional thermostat. However, the typical smart thermostat saves you between 10% to 15% on your energy usage. This lets you pay less money for electricity or gas, so you save money on your utility bills. On average, the typical smart thermostat user saves around $140 each year on energy costs.

How does a smart thermostat save you money? It works by automatically adjusting your HVAC system for you. Programmable thermostats let you enter your schedule and desired temperatures. Then they adjust your temperature levels to help use less energy. For example, your thermostat might turn your heat down around 2 a.m. because you’ll probably be asleep and not notice slightly cooler temperatures.

The typical homeowner can save money by manually turning their thermostat settings up and down. However, this can be a little inconvenient, and it’s easy to forget to adjust your temperatures. Besides saving you time, having a smart thermostat to automate everything also optimizes your energy usage. The technology can constantly make small changes, so you save money without noticing any temperature fluctuations.

Get More Convenient Temperature Control

Another great thing about smart thermostats is they seamlessly connect with your other electronic devices. If you had a traditional thermostat, you would have to get up and walk to the thermostat every time you want to adjust it. Smart thermostats have a lot more options for adjusting the temperature. They connect to your home WiFi, and then you can reach them from many other devices.

If your home is set up with voice-controlled systems like Google Home, you can switch temperatures with a simple voice request. Another option is adjusting your temperature from your phone or computer. Once your thermostat is connected to your devices, you can adjust it from anywhere. This makes it easy to get the temperature you want while relaxing in bed or working on your desk.

Besides making it simpler to change temperatures, a programmable thermostat also reduces the need for temperature adjustments. As you make adjustments, it learns your preferences and makes changes automatically. You might find that within a few months, you barely ever have moments where you need to change your thermostat settings.

Be Able to Preheat and Pre-cool Your Home

One nice feature found on most programmable thermostats is their preheat and pre-cool temperatures. In a typical home, if it gets too hot or too cold, you have to wait quite a while for your HVAC system to get temperatures to a comfortable level. However, programmable thermostats often let you tell your system things like “reach 72 degrees by 6 p.m.”

This adds an extra layer of comfort to your home. You don’t have to worry about getting off work and arriving at an unpleasantly hot or cold house. If you know you will need your temperature to change at a certain time, programming it in advance helps things get more comfortable. You can set your home to cool down a bit before your exercise session or tell it to heat up right before your cold-sensitive mother comes over for a visit.

Help Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

A programmable thermostat’s ability to reduce energy usage also has another helpful side effect. These thermostats work by reducing the time your HVAC system is running. The result is that there is a lot less stress on your system. When your HVAC unit does not have to run all the time, there is less wear and tear on the parts.

This is especially helpful if you have an older model. The thermostat can lower your chances of needing repairs or replacements soon. It can also be useful if you have a brand new system. By reducing the amount of wear on your HVAC unit, you might be able to significantly extend the time before you need a new unit.

Have Control Even When You’re Not Home

A programmable smart thermostat gives you a lot of peace of mind. When you’re away from home, you can check up on your HVAC systems and make adjustments as needed. This is very helpful if you travel a lot. For example, if you’re away from home and hear your town is about to have a deep freeze, you can bump up the temperature to keep your pipes from freezing.

Having this extra level of control is especially important if you have pets or delicate furnishings. When you’re not at home, a sudden shift in temperature can kill houseplants or damage your furry friends’ health. A programmable thermostat gives you some extra safety measures. You can quickly check on your home’s temperature and alter temperature levels as needed.

Get a More Accurate Idea of Your HVAC Needs

Programmable thermostats also have the advantage of providing you with a lot more information. Since they are constantly connected to your Wi-Fi and storing data, you get a good look at how well your HVAC system is running. Depending on the smart thermostat you have, you can see things like your weekly energy usage, the humidity levels inside your home, and the average time your HVAC system runs.

All this data can be very helpful. It can let you notice if your HVAC system is running too often, which can be a sign you need repairs. The data can also help you get an idea of what times of day you need the most heating and cooling. Some programs help you track your savings and identify potential ways to save more money. All these details let you take control of your HVAC system and make smart decisions for your home.

If you’re interested in trying out a programmable thermostat, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is here to help. We can explain how these useful products work and assist you with selecting an option. Our team is also available to help you with a variety of other HVAC and plumbing services. Northern California residents can count on us for help with installations, maintenance, and repairs. Call us today to learn more about our services. We would love to assist you in any way we can and want to be your one-stop-shop for you all your HVAC needs.

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