Updated August 2023

Whether your furnace runs on gas or electricity, making sure that it’s in tip-top shape with a regularly scheduled furnace tune-up is extremely important for several reasons. In short, an underperforming furnace can affect the functionality, cost-efficiency, and comfort of your home. It can also turn into a serious safety hazard that can cause major health issues for everyone inside.

At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we’re committed to helping homeowners improve their homes’ energy efficiency, safety, and performance standards. Our innovative products, furnace maintenance services, and more options for HVAC systems are customized to suit the needs of our friends and neighbors in Northern California—and we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive everything they need to experience a healthier, happier home.

In this article, learn what can go wrong with your furnace and how regular maintenance from a professional HVAC company can prevent critical problems that affect your household.

What Are Some Common Furnace Issues?

Furnaces can cause a number of problems that affect your home’s functionality. Blocked and dirty air ducts are one of the most common issues that can affect your indoor living environment along with your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Clogged ducts can also cause issues with your unit’s pilot light or ignition controls, among others. Leaving these issues unchecked can create more problems down the road, resulting in the need for emergency repairs in the middle of winter or unnecessary repairs or replacements.

Can Furnace Issues Be Dangerous?

In short, the answer is yes—furnaces can become quite dangerous. Although very rare, your furnace can catch on fire if there’s a problem with the motor, electrical connections, or malfunctioning power lines.

A far more common problem affecting up to 15,000 people every year—and causing hundreds of deaths in homes across the country—is carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide leaks are a serious health hazard that can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, stomachaches, and even death.

Why Are Regular Inspections and Furnace Tune-Ups Important?

Your home’s furnace is a major home appliance that ensures the comfort, health, and happiness of your household’s indoor living environment. As with any important and expensive appliance, regular maintenance of your furnace is highly recommended—and homeowners should plan to have their furnaces inspected at least once every year for older units and once every two years for units under ten years old.

An inspection from a qualified technician from a professional HVAC company will help you to identify possible issues that need to be addressed. This can mean preventing or delaying the breaking down or deterioration of your system, which will save you money in unnecessary repairs and replacements down the road. It can also improve the efficiency of your unit, which will help your furnace to work at a higher level while saving money on energy costs.

Superior Preventative Maintenance Services for HVAC Systems in Northern California

For full-service HVAC system support in Northern California, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is here for you. Our team of highly qualified technicians and HVAC experts provides premium-quality indoor air quality support, HVAC installations, furnace tune-up services, and many more solutions customized to suit your needs.

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