Environmental Heating & Air Solutions provides the best AC maintenance service in Concord, CA. Keeping your air conditioning operating as effectively as possible is important not just in the summer months but all year round. Over time, you may notice your AC system is lacking the power it once had. This is when you need an AC tune-up service. An AC tune-up involves a comprehensive cleaning of the coils which can increase the efficiency of your system and reduce the overall wear and tear on the unit. In addition to this, an AC tune-up also involves an inspection of your ductwork to see if there are any issues there causing energy loss. Regular air conditioning maintenance is an important part of owning your home and is something you shouldn’t avoid doing. We have experience working on all kinds of systems and understand the importance of conducting regular HVAC inspections. Doing this lets us help our customers keep a clean and functional home. We are highly skilled in resolving all issues with your air conditioning and can help with maintenance, tune-ups, and replacements. Our professionals provide the best air conditioning maintenance services in Concord.