Updated August 2023

Hiring a professional plumbing contractor is one of the best decisions you can make regarding your plumbing needs in the house. While it may be possible for you to carry out some simple maintenance routines, some tasks need a professional’s insight. It is also possible for you to cause more damage to the plumbing system if you are not professionally trained, leading you to spend more money on repairs.

So how do you get a trustworthy and efficient plumbing contractor in Roseville? While all the plumbers will positively market themselves and their services, there are critical factors that you will need to take into consideration before settling on one. Below are a few things you need to consider before hiring a plumbing contractor in Roseville.

Licensing and Compliance Certificates

There is no better way to check the credibility of a plumbing contractor than by confirming that they are licensed by the governing authorities. For the contractor to have a valid trade business, it means that they comply with the set rules and standards of their profession.

The license is also proof that the plumber has undergone rigorous training sessions, passed the board exams, and completed their apprenticeship. The license is, therefore, your safeguard against any scams or shoddy services. It is also essential to ask the plumbing contractor to issue a compliance certificate once they have completed the task. The certificate of compliance proves that the plumber carried out the task according to the expected standards and in line with the set regulations.


The cost of carrying out a plumbing task varies from one plumbing contractor to another, depending on the nature of the service offered. While more experienced and licensed plumbing contractors have higher charges, the services that they offer are of high quality, and you can be sure that their work will last. However, this is not an opportunity for them to overcharge. The less-qualified plumbing contractors can be cheaper, but you may pay much more since the technicians may lack the expertise and knowledge of the set standards. Do not sacrifice quality for cost.

It is also vital that the plumbing contractor gives a quote after visiting your home and examining the problem. It would be best to ask whether the cost is an overall cost or whether other charges are not included in the quote. Remember that you will not only be paying for the cost of the service but the cost of materials as well, so ask if there are other parts that may need to be replaced. Ensure that the cost is for genuine parts that will give you extended service over time, thereby eliminating the need to replace them soon.


The best plumbing contractors will make sure to give you a warranty for the services they have offered as an assurance that it will last. The warranty periods may differ from a year, 10 years, or lifetime warranties. The benefit of having a warranty is that your plumbing investment is protected, and you do not have to spend more if the repair doesn’t fix the problem. The other benefit of a plumbing contractor issuing a warranty is that it ensures they carry out their work correctly and with great expertise since coming back for repairs will force them to be liable for the costs.


When it comes to plumbing work, nothing can beat an experienced plumbing contractor. It is the factor that sets one plumber apart from the others because the level of experience also dictates the different problems that they may have encountered and resolved. The wealth of knowledge gained by an experienced plumbing contractor through the years means that they can properly diagnose and solve your plumbing issues. They will also be able to give you practical advice on maintaining and taking care of your system.

Licensed plumbing contractors have practical experience in plumbing work since they have served under an experienced plumber during their apprenticeship. You can rely on them to give you excellent service. Experienced plumbing contractors also tend to show more professionalism in how they deal with their clients.

Availability and Response Time

Plumbing problems are not always planned or expected and may occur at extremely odd hours, forcing you to seek help from a professional plumber. It is therefore essential for you to consider choosing a plumbing contractor who is available on short notice. The best option would be to settle for a contractor who offers services 24 hours a day throughout the week as this eliminates any inconveniences that may arise.

Consider also the response time of the contractors after you place a call for assistance. While the plumber may be available on call, it is not guaranteed that they will get to your place on time to rectify whatever problem your plumbing system may be having. If getting to your place involves traveling over long distances, you should settle for a qualified plumber with a local office in your area of residence.

Pay Rate

Different contractors have different pay rates for the services that they offer. Before you sign a contract with the potential contractor, it is essential to know whether they will work for an hourly rate or have a flat rate. The plumbing contractor who works flat rate is more likely to offer the best services since there is no expectation of earning more by delaying the project over several days. On the other hand, a contractor with an hourly rate is likely to work slower and less efficiently since they understand that they get paid for every hour they work. The hourly rates may cause you to spend more than you had planned for in the budget.


While conducting the plumbing work in your home, damage may occur that needs to be rectified even if it is not part of the project. It would help if you chose a plumbing contractor who has the required insurance. If the contractor has no valid insurance, you may be forced to carry the liability of the damages, increasing your financial burden.

The contractor should also have workers’ compensation to ensure that they offer coverage for employees as they conduct the various projects. In case of any injuries that may occur to the workers, the contractor should cover the costs. If you decide to ignore this factor when selecting the plumber, you may have to bear the cost of compensation and treatment for any injuries to the plumbers.


One sure way to find a trusted plumbing contractor is through referrals, reviews, and feedback from previous clients. The contractor may speak highly of their services to market themselves and win over your trust, but the truth always lies with the tasks and projects that they have handled before. Ask the plumbing contractor for any referrals to ascertain the quality of their work and the satisfaction of the previous clients.

Online platforms such as the plumbing contractor’s website are an excellent place to check for the customers’ reviews and feedback. While it is true that some contractors hide negative feedback, a trustworthy plumber will be open and honest about the feedback and reviews that they have received from the clients by acknowledging and addressing these concerns on the pages.


Lastly, one of the most fundamental factors to consider before hiring a plumbing contractor is communication. A reliable and trustworthy contractor will be more than willing to talk about the nature of his work, the problems that you may be having, and how to resolve those problems in the best way possible. If the plumber is always ready to listen to your questions and concerns and address them honestly and effectively, they can be relied on.

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