Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is no stranger to receiving awards. After just a few years in business, we began winning multiple awards every year, and 2018 is no different.
In 2018, we’re proud to share we won the “Partner of the Year” award, the “Centurion” award, and we continued to maintain our Dave Lennox “Premier Dealer” status.

Partner of the Year

Although we’re excited to win all the awards we’ve won over the years, we are especially excited about “Partner of the Year.” Unlike other awards that can be won by multiple companies, only one company in each district can be named Partner of the Year. In 2018, that’s Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, repeating our win in 2015.

In order to win this award, we had to demonstrate a high standard of professionalism and be active in the community, in addition to managing a current account and supporting the training and development programs at Lennox. According to Lennox, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions does, “all of this while maintaining a commitment to service, installation quality, and exceptional customer experience.”


In order to win the “Centurion” award, the company has to be in the top six percent of all the dealers across North America. Our HVAC company embodies the Lennox brand promise, setting the standard in our area for top-quality service. In addition, annual growth plans and profitability plans focus on employee development and training.

In addition to winning the award in 2018, we have also won this award from 2015-2017.

Dave Lennox Premier Dealer

Of course, all of these awards start with the fact that we have been a Dave Lennox “Premier Dealer” since 2015. That means we maintain a certain standard of service, and we follow the guidelines set forth by Lennox. With this designation, you can expect to get a great HVAC installation or repair, but you can also expect a high level of customer service.

If you’re looking for stress-free service when it’s time to repair or install your HVAC system, give us a call. We’d be happy to show you the Environmental Heating & Air Solutions difference first-hand!

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