When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, there are many things to consider. For many homeowners, air sealing is one of the most important steps in improving their home’s energy efficiency. However, air sealing can also be one of the most confusing topics. Here are some of the most common questions homeowners have about air sealing.

1. What Is Air Sealing?

Air sealing makes your home more energy efficient by preventing outside air from entering through cracks and openings. You can do this by caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows and using door sweeps. In addition, electric outlets and light switches should be sealed with gaskets, and you should properly insulate HVAC ductwork.

Air sealing can also be applied in crawl spaces and attics to prevent conditioned air from escaping. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, but it can also save you money on your energy bills. If you’re unsure where to start, an energy auditor can help identify areas in your home that need to be sealed.

2. Why Is Air Sealing Important?

Homeowners often ask about the importance of air sealing. After all, if air can get out, why can’t it just get back in? The answer has to do with the way that heat moves. In the winter, warm air rises and escapes through openings in the home’s structure.

It causes the furnace to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, driving up energy costs. In the summer, hot air from outside can enter the home through these same openings. The air conditioner has to run more frequently to keep the home cool, again putting a strain on energy bills.

By sealing up any gaps and cracks, homeowners can help keep conditioned air in the home, reduce their energy consumption, and also reduce unnecessary strain on their HVAC system.

3. Is Air Sealing Permanent?

Homeowners considering air sealing often wonder if it is permanent. While the material used in our products is designed to last a long time, some factors can contribute to degradation, such as sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Even with these factors, our products will still provide years of reliable use. Environmental Heating & Air Solutions stands behind the quality of our products and workmanship, so you can be confident that your home is protected from the elements.

4. How Much Does Air Sealing Cost?

Homeowners often ask about the cost of air sealing. The answer depends on several factors, such as the size of your home and the number of openings that need to be sealed. The type of sealant used can also affect the cost. In general, air sealing is an affordable way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. In many cases, the savings you’ll see on your energy bills will more than offset the cost of sealing.

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact a local energy auditor or air sealing company. They can assess your home and provide you with an estimate of the costs.

5. What Are the Benefits of Air Sealing?

Many people think of air sealing as a way to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, and while that is certainly one benefit, there are others as well. Air sealing can help to reduce drafts, prevent moisture buildup, and even minimize noise from outside.

Air sealing can also improve indoor air quality by preventing airborne pollutants from entering the home. Working with a qualified company is important to ensure the job is done properly.

6. What Are the Most Common Places Leaks Occur in a Home?

Leaks can occur almost anywhere in the home, but certain places are more susceptible than others. Cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, and holes in wiring and plumbing access points are all common sources of drafts.

Attic hatches and recessed lighting fixtures can also let a surprising amount of air into your home. Insulated gaskets can be used to seal attic hatches, and recessed light covers can help to reduce air leakage around light fixtures. By taking these steps, you can help keep your home more comfortable and avoid wasting energy on heating and cooling.

7. Who Should I Hire to Perform Air Sealing Services on My Home?

Homeowners interested in air sealing should always consult a professional to ensure that the proper materials are used for their specific home and needs.

Homes larger than 2,000 square feet or with complex HVAC systems will benefit from the services of professionals. A company familiar with air sealing will have the experience and expertise to identify all the potential leak points in a home and seal them properly. In addition, technicians can often provide additional services such as insulation and weather-stripping, which can further improve a home’s energy efficiency.

On the other hand, homeowners who have smaller homes or are only interested in sealing a few specific areas of their homes may want to hire an energy auditor. Energy auditors are trained to identify potential leak points and recommend cost-effective solutions. Many energy auditors also offer other energy efficiency services, such as assessing a home’s insulation levels or conducting a home energy audit.

8. How Can Air Sealing Help Me Save Money on My Energy Bills?

By sealing leaks in your home, you can minimize drafts and prevent heat loss in the winter and loss of cool air in the summer. Additionally, by preventing moisture buildup, you can help avoid problems such as mold and mildew. These factors can lead to improved air quality, lower energy bills, and a more comfortable home.

Air sealing your home is an important step in making it more energy-efficient. By working with qualified professionals, you can ensure that the job is done properly and that your home is as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Rely on the Experts

We’ve reviewed some of the most frequently asked questions about air sealing. The obvious conclusion is that air sealing is important in making your home energy efficient. Various products are available to help with air sealing, and it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs. Proper installation is critical to ensuring that your air sealing products work as intended. By following these guidelines, you can be sure that you’re taking steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we offer heating and cooling installation, repair, inspection and maintenance. Aside from air sealing, our air quality solutions also include air duct cleaning, carbon monoxide detection, and air ventilation services. In that same scope, we can address your ductwork and allergens as well.

In addition, we focus on plumbing services that include water heater maintenance and replacement, including traditional and tankless electric and gas water heater models. You can also rely on us for water leak protection. We can perform blower door testing and home score testing, and we can get you set up with home insulation, attic fans, or house fans. We proudly serve Roseville, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact us at Environmental Heating & Air Solutions today for more information on all our services.

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