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Ron B. Lincoln, CA Jan 02, 2013

We had a vibration noise in the air ducts, and was determined it was being caused by the filter.

Walter R. Roseville, CA

Quick service. They diagnosed the problem right away and fixed it quickly. Very friendly and professional.

Romel B. Roseville, CA Oct 10, 2012

Awesome service and prices! I called Environmental Heating & Air Solutions earlier this week because my A/C went out because i was using it too much! Called these guys and the receptionist was very professional and helped me out. they had a service technician out to my company within 30 min! that’s what you call A+ service! thanks again Environmental Heating & Air Solutions i will definitely refer you to everyone i know!

Kevin M. Lincoln, CA Dec 07, 2010

I was assisted by Matt at EHA and couldn’t have been happier with the decision I made.  Professional, courteous, clean cut, and very knowledgeable.  There were no hidden fee’s and they educated me so much more than any of the other companies that came in to give me a bid.  It’s hard to trust all the different service companies coming into your home but I would and will refer these guys to any of my family or friends.  They also have a great service plan that I took advantage of!

Tim S. Elk Grove, CA Jan 13, 2011

I recently had my heating and air system replaced. It was a last minute decision, hoping to take advantage of the year end tax credits, while replacing  a system that needed updating. EHAS worked me into their hectic year end schedule, did the complete job in one day, and gave me a great Lennox system at a great price. They were friendly, accommodating, and efficient in their work. Now I have a much more efficient system. We can feel the difference already. Matt, who orchestrated the project (and worked as well) was professional and true to his promises. He also was helpful in all of the rebate forms and permits. What further impressed me was his follow-up to ensure all was satisfactory. I will most certainly recommend EHAS to anyone who is looking for a new heating and air conditioning system. The are 100% profession and competitive in the pricing!
Tim Smithers
Elk Grove, CA

Ryan H. Roseville, CA Dec 12, 2013

I own an older home, and it  did not have a Hvac system. I know the sixties were all about peace and love but damn they were tougher and cheaper  than me..  (I think I am parsimonious, however, my friends call me a cheap bastard)  Why would someone build a house without Central heat and air..

My ac  wall unit did a great job at cooling a small section of my living room, but to no avail, it could not cool the rest of the room, let alone the whole house.  In addition, My heater suffered from Bi-polar. It would heat the central part of the house, but if a strong gust of wind came up it would blow  cold air and  toxic fumes back into the house. because of this the central part of the house would cool down. This not only effected me, it effected everyone that I had over.. I was I was dating a girl that actually told me she wanted to kidnap my dog and take her home because of sub-arctic conditions in my home..

In my search for a solution, I contacted 5 different HVAC companies. I had bids ranging  from $19,000- $8,000 because of this, I knew that something was amiss. When the contractors came for the quotes I acted like I had no idea what I was talking about, and played the “dumb card.’ The first four  companies tried to sell me systems that would not meet my needs and had questionable quality. My favorite lines and up-sell pitches were: oh well we have to get an  engineer out here to check your load capacity of your roof, and you need to run a whole new gas line for that, or my favorite  line of all ” you don’t need a permit for this, lets start tomorrow”

I was just about to give up, and invest in new more efficient wall units and a new sweater for my dog (the girl had since given up)  while I was work I was venting my frustration to a client. she laughed and said to call Environmental heating and air. I called, and a very nice girl named Ashley made an appointment for me. A couple days later the owner of the company came to my home, and went through the options with me. he made some recommendations, and gave me a multitude of options to choose from. He also showed me the different rebate options and how the different options would effect each rebate. No one else discussed this with me. He gave me a great price, and it averaged out.

As you may have guessed, I picked Environmental. The install went as planned, and they even removed the Bi-polar heater, and the overwhelmed Ac unit for free. This was something all the other companies wanted to charge for. At the end of each work day they cleaned up my home, and made sure I was informed of the days progress. I have had my system for a couple months, and am happy as a I could be! an added bonus,  people actually want to come over to my house, and my pup does not need a sweater…

Paul S. Loomis, CA Sep 14, 2011

After a frustrating bout with Perfection Home Systems (see my review), it was so refreshing to talk to people who actually want to help you and fix your problem.  Matt is a great guy to work with and I got the feeling he’d do anything in his power to make his customers more than satisfied.  The only thing I had a problem with is an attic access ladder that had to be removed and replaced to get the new system up there.  It does not close after replacement and now leaks hot air into our laundry room.  We do need some roof work done this fall, so a replacement will be installed after that time.

Brenda B. Sacramento, CA Feb 28, 2012

A couple weeks ago my husband and I decided that our furnace needed a tuneup, so after looking at all the good reviews on Yelp about Environmental Heating and Air I gave them a call. Sean (or Shawn) came out to do the job and found out we were missing two doors on the furnace which was letting attic dust into the unit. He took pictures with his phone and showed me exactly what was happening. The more important door came in and he fixed it today, after taking the unit apart and cleaning it. He also cleaned the condenser on our air unit. When the other door comes in he said he’ll look at the air conditioner unit more thoroughly and make sure it’s ready for summer. Because of the debris in the furnace, the life span may have been cut short and the blower motor is not in good shape. But I really appreciated that he did not try to push me to get a whole new unit. His goal is to make the one we have last as long as possible. (Is that great or what?)  And because I signed up for their maintenance plan, when we do need a new unit we’ll get discounts on the parts. A more pleasant man would be hard to find. Having him do the work was a pleasure and the heater is working so much better than it was before.

James M. Granite Bay, CA Mar 31, 2013

I was shopping for a new heat pump and air handler, as the one I had was from the early 1980′s which used a lot of electricity and needed a lot of help.

Matt came over, evaluated the house, and gave me a proposal with the best price that I could find.

Kevin and Greg removed my old heat pump system, and installed my new heat pump system in 1 day.

After they left, it seemed like nothing had happened (a good thing), except that now I had a spiffy new high performance heat pump with a multi-speed air handler. icon biggrin James M.   Granite Bay, CA

The new heat pump system works like a charm, quietly keeping my home at a constant to-the-degree temperature that I choose.

I love it. Great job EHAS!

Dan S. Roseville, CA Nov 16, 2010

The professionals from Environmental Heating and Air Solutions showed up right on time with a great system, as promised. The sales and installation staff where very courteous and accommodating. They were able to install the unit in a matter of hours and even review the proper functioning and maintenance with me. I would definitely recommend Environmental Heating and Air Solutions  to everyone.

Jer Nelson Roseville, CA Apr 04, 2013

They were great. Also offer to share a lot of valuable info about my AC unit. Will use them again and refer them.

Lola R San Jose, CA Jan 23, 2012

I wish I could give them 10 stars!
I have a rental house in West Sac (I live in San Jose) well, my brand new tenant called me to tell me the heater stopped working?! So, I followed yelpers and called Environmental Heating and Air – they came out the same day and fixed it…well, I thought they did…turns out, they didn’t. So, I called Matt the following week to tell him for some reason it was not fixed, wa- lah, his tech, Shawn came out that day. So, now my heater is working great! Since they did not fix it on the first visit he waived my service fee for that first appt. After Shawn fixed it he took the time to call me and explain everything he did, how it worked, parts, etc. I was thoroughly impressed by Matt’s follow up/service and Shawn’s knowledge and professionalism. As a landlord who lives far away, and a female, I’m always hesitant to hire contractors and just “trust them” to do whatever repairs at whatever cost. This company definitely has great customer service and knows what they are doing, will definitely call Matt again if something goes wrong with my HVAC, thanks guys!

Ben B. Woodlawn, CA Aug 02, 2012

nice folks, they were able to get to my property fairly quickly. Ducts certainly looked cleaner afterwards.  The total came out to more than I expected, but I was in a rush and didn’t get a second bid so I can’t really speak meaningfully to their prices, just that I had a good experience overall and would have them bid on any future work I needed.

Jarrod F Rocklin, CA Aug 06, 2012

I have worked in the Heating and air trade for over 16 years including being a install manager.  I work with this company on a daily basis, and I would without hesitation recommend this company to my friends and family.  I see the quality of work the installers do on all there install’s and that is hard to find.

Their not in the market to rip customers off, especially being that a lot of there business is word of mouth.  It is hard to find an honest company now a days.  As for the previous review about price gauging of capacitors, this has always been an issue after the fact.

People need to take in to consideration that its more than just the cost of a part, you have to pay a technician to diagnose the problem, pay for the vehicle to get to the job site, workers comp insurance, general liability insurance, overhead for the company, and a lot of other cost to run a company, plus now they have to warranty the part and labor and if its a same day service that does cost extra (with any heating and air company).

Nathan K. Rocklin, CA Dec 28, 2012

My “hot surface igniter” broke in the middle of December. I called them the next day and first thing my heater was fixed. I was so stressed that this would cost me too much money. EHA was very reasonable and efficient. I would highly recommend.

Zac B. Roseville, CA Feb 02, 2011

Some clients of mine recently purchased a home and found out during their inspection that the heaters were not working. Matt from EHA gave my clients outstanding service, showed up on time, and ended up setting them up with a brand new high efficiency system. The prowas excellent, the service and professionalism were outstanding, and I could not believe the great price!
During the installation, they identified some additional issues that the home inspection didnt catch. EHA was quick to inform the owners, give them and updated bid, and still gave them an incredible price. Matt with EHA took all the pain out of the additional changes, looked out for the owners best interest, and made sure he didnt sign off the job until my clients were completely satisfied. I would not recommend anyone other than Environmental Heating & Air Solutions.
Thank you for taking such great care of my clients!

Carlo C. Auburn, CA Dec 19, 2013

These guys did a great job replacing my aged out furnace/AC for super efficient state of art Lennox system, including multi-zoning at reasonable cost. Kudus to Kevin, Jordan, and Matt for job well done.

Lawrence L. Lincoln, CA Jun 04, 2013

They completed the installation when they said they would. They cleaned up all of the removed material and took it away. They were neat and clean when going up into the attic from our bedroom closet.

Paul A Sacramento, CA Jul 07, 2011

Our 20yr old HVAC roof unit failed on us in the midst of the first heat wave this year.  Matthew’s crew was super busy but he still managed to get someone out that day and the following day had a crane in the street installing our new unit.  I was really impressed with how smooth, professional and friendly these guys were.  Highly recommend.

Elisabeth R. Antelope, CA May 08, 2014

Dealing with broken AC’s is no fun, especially during a Sacramento summer. Last 4th of July when our unit stopped, I was not only amazed that someone answered the phone, but that they had someone at our house 7am the next morning! We run a doggy daycare business, so it was VERY important to be able to cool the house, and the team at EHAS made that possible. Unfortunately, when they came for our pre season check up, it was determined we would need a whole new system this year. From the office staff, to our regular tech, to the salesman, and to the installation crew, we couldn’t have been happier with our service… and for them all putting up with all the four legged fur balls trying to help them complete the work! Thank you EHAS for a job well done.

Chelsea H. Roseville, CA Jan 21, 2011

I loved this company so much.  My husband and I just bought a new house and found out that the furnaces were on a recall list.  While this was a downer for us, Matt at Environmental Heating and Air Solutions gave us some awesome options to make it all come together.  He got us some great deals on some great furnaces and air conditioners.

As they were working they found some bad work and some horrible mold in the ducts.  Matt worked with us to figure out the most cost effective way of fixing these problems.

All the guys that worked on the project were all very professional, very kind, and great guys.  I joked with them all the time and it was great to see them when the came by to continue working.  And even though I told them not to worry about the carpet since we were replacing it the following week they made sure that they put sheets down to keep the dirt off of it and Matt even vacuumed it when all was done and said.

What a wonderful experience to get into my new house.  Thanks guys!  And I’ll invite you guys over sometime this coming summer to go swimming icon biggrin Chelsea H.   Roseville, CA

Amy P. Roseville, CA Aug 11, 2014

We needed an air conditioner replacement and looked at numerous companies.  After having many of them come look at our system we felt most comfortable using this company.  Matt came out to do the quote and was very professional yet friendly at the same time.  He gave us lots of options and didn’t push us to purchase anything we weren’t comfortable with.  The installation team did a great job.  They left the house clean and a year later the system is working great.  After installation we were told to run the heater for a short time to make sure everything worked properly.  Unfortunately there was an equipment malfunction which they quickly diagnosed and returned to fix.  I would definitely recommend this company and use them in the future.

Dubi A. North San Juan, CA Jun 12, 2013

these guys are cool..
just do your research on youtube before they arrive so that you can be “educated” – and then watch them do their thing…

I did this, and it worked out great with these people!  They weren’t scammers.

Megan H. Folsom, CA Jul 08, 2013

Let me start off my review by saying that I have never been so happy with the customer service and professionalism from an AC repair. Do not waste your time or money on another company! Trust me! I have tried MANY others and this one is BY FAR THE BEST!

This is the 3rd time in 2 months that I have had AC issues and I finally found a company that clearly cares about their customers. Being 6 months pregnant in the middle of summer with record breaking heat is really not the time I wanted to have my AC go out. After first scheduling with a different company who never showed up, I called and spoke to Brandi in a panic. Her empathy was clear and she made it a priority to get a tech to my house ASAP. She was incredibly professional and was able to get a tech out to repair our AC that same night. Jared was an awesome tech. He explained everything to us and advised us of another part we would need to replace. The next morning, after several phone calls to Brandi and Ashley (who is also awesome and very nice), Brandi was on the phone, ordering the part for us and even went the extra mile to find a specific universal part that would work for our unit to help save us money. Yes. You read that correctly! A company that cares to save their customers money!!! I was amazed! Jared was back to install the second part and only a few hours later my phone rang. Brandi called to follow up and make sure everything was up and running and the house was cool. She was incredible! I have never had a company so concerned with a customers satisfaction! I will be keeping this their phone number on speed dial!! I was amazed!

I cannot emphasize enough how satisfied I was by the customer service shown by every employee at this company. They were amazing and I will never use another company. They will forever be my go-to for any and all HVAC issues. Thank you Environmental Heating & Air Solutions!!

Eileen B. Sacramento, CA May 02, 2014

About a year ago, on a recommendation from my daughter, I called Matt to give me an estimate for a new HVAC system. Matt was great! So down to earth and no pressure. The install went without any problems and the system keeps me comfortable. On April 29, Cory B came out to do my summer service. He took the time to explain how a heat pump works but not so detailed that my head was swimming.

Everyone I have talked to or dealt with has been wonderful. Would I recommend this company? Absolutely!

Christina M. Roseville, CA Dec 12, 2013

Our Heating & Air system was about 18 years old when it started having significant issues where we began questioning the advantages of trying to repair it or replace it. We had one other company come out and give us their opinion, which was very pushy towards replacement. When we called Environmental H&A we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was the office staff wonderful with answering all of our questions and booking our estimate appointment, but the owner Matt is the one that came to look at our home.

During our estimate appt we were presented with a higher efficiency/higher priced system and also an option of lower efficiency and still a very reasonable price. We opted for the higher efficiency after much research on how it can actually cut down on utility bills, and have great comfort/temperature control.

Our system was just installed this last week and has been wonderful. Thank you Environmental for keeping our little family warm for the holidays (and many years to come!)

Michael M. El Dorado Hills, CA Feb 27, 2014

It’s been almost three months and we are perfectly satisfied, with the price, the installation, the courteous representatives and the performance.

Stephanie J. Roseville, CA Aug 03, 2012

I couldn’t be happier that I chose this AC company! These guys are definitely on the ball. They were very helpful in explaing the ins and outs of my system and what needed to be fixed, replaced, and watched. Not once did they try to make me buy something or make me feel obligated to do so. They were honest and I will definitely use them again. I’ve already given their number out to a friend!!

John R. Dixon, CA Jul 01, 2013

Excellent!! Quick response. 1 day install, great customer service, all , good!!!

Jean L. Folsom, CA Jun 30, 2013

When I had an emergency on the weekend, they answered their phones. The lady in the office was so nice and helpful. They were able to come out and even came out a couple hours earlier than expected. The gentleman who came out described everything he was doing which is always good to explain what you are doing and why. The work was fine.

A. Neighbor Lincoln, CA May 24, 2013

Gave an honest proposal, worked within my budget and was able to suggest future options without being pushy. Great experience!

Y H. Elk Grove, CA Aug 17, 2012

This company is AAA++!  Matt is awesome. He had indepth knowledge about air con and heating systems  He knows how to get you the best deal especially on Lennox products. This year, we purchased 2 air-con from them – one for my in-laws and one for myself. Both times, Kevin and Joe came and did an excellent job. Even though they are sweating like crazy, they still smile at you when you talk to them. Great guys! Ashley is very sweet and responsive too. Not sure how Matt does it. He managed to find good people working for him. If you want quality proand service, just call Matt. Thank you so much!!!!

Margaret G Roseville, CA Apr 26, 2014

This company is “awesome”!! The whole crew, and I have dealt with everybody who works for Environmental, are very professional and reliable, showing up at the times they are scheduled for. Also,everyone is friendly and unimposing while they are in my home. They installed my HVAC in 2012 and it has worked very well both in the winter and summer. Every year they make sure that I schedule for my yearly check up and they make sure everything is working properly I highly recommend this company for all your heating and air needs.

Donna B. Rocklin, CA Apr 11, 2012

My husband and I needed a new air conditioner and heater for our almost twenty five year old house. We knew it was time to update each unit for reason number 1, the air conditioner was the wrong size for our house, 2  for a more efficient prothat will save us on our utility bills over the years. We shopped around and went with Environmental and we are happy we did. The install was done in a couple days and Jake did a wonderful job with everything. Everyone that came out to the house was very nice and professional which is what makes or breaks a company. Thanks Again!!

Marcus A. Citrus Heights, CA Aug 05, 2011

We came home from vacation on a Friday afternoon and find out our AC is not working.  I call Environmental Heating & Air at 4:10 on a Friday and am told they have us scheduled for a 10 am Saturday appt with a chance for a 6 pm appt that night.  Matt called me back a few minutes later to let me know the tech, Michael would be there between 6 and 630.

Always a bit skeptical about technician arrival times, I was pleasantly surprised when Michael arrived at 610, checked out the unit and fixed it within 30 minutes.  Even better, he gave me some information on additional products and services without pressuring me to sign up then and there.  The next time we need HVAC work, I know who I am calling.  Definitely recommend this company for HVAC service and repairs.

Paul S. Portola, CA Dec 22, 2012

They fixed our new heating and air system. The heat wasn’t working.

Scott and Janelle M. Granite Bay, CA Aug 29, 2014

This is the company you want to use for your HVAC needs. !!! We did several comparisons and were so happy we chose Environmental  We purchased a whole new system through this company this past Spring, and have been beyond pleased with the product and the service by their team.  Matt, the owner, is friendly, professional, responsive, honest, and great to work with. Kevin, is the main installer, and his team worked diligently for a full week to have our new system up and running before the hot summer.  They cleaned up throughly each day, were professional, and hard working.  The whole team is friendly and knowledgable.  Our new system is quieter, extremely efficient, and we also love the Lennox app to control the temps from our phones.  Great product, amazing service, highly recommend to anyone!

Bosco L. Stockton, CA Oct 09, 2011

Very professional, I dealt with Jake and Matt, helped me diagnosed my problem quickly.

George C. Citrus Heights, CA Apr 28, 2014

If it wasn’t for a Sunday the system would have been installed faster. Everything went very well and works great. Much better than the 19yr old system we had.

Cindy J. Folsom, CA Nov 08, 2012

I have had issues with one of my rentals for years. The system is old I admit and we have had multiple companys over the years come and tell us that the problem we had was too much work to be worth it to us and we just need to replace the system, wouldent even give us a price on what we needed to fix. Now my husband and I have 3 homes in the Cirtus Heights and Sacramento area and we seem to always get told this no matter what company came out. This summer my Tenant had a problem with one of the rooms in the back so exausted from the Butler and 1hr experience, I called Environmental Heating and Air. They sent a technician named Sean whom I spoke to over the phone. After he arived he called me about 40 min later. I was expecting the same thing, some one telling me its broken and cant be fixed blah blah blah… We talked for about 10 min and he told me that it was a simple that had come loose… 3 years of my tenant living there with no ac/heat in the bedroom and it was a duct. He explained to me what was wrong in very simple terms, even sent me a picture from his iphone of the problem and gave me very clear information on how he needs to fix it. I have never experienced one of these Ac technician guys talk to me like a home owner rather than an ignorant woman over the phone. These guys went above and beyond to help me with the problem at 1/3 of the cost I was quoted to fix it and 1/13 of the cost to replace it. I was so impressed that I signed up to have them come back to all 3 of my homes to make sure we keep everything up and running. Since then the only thing I had to do was pick up the size of filters we needed and leave them in the garage for him to put in on his visits. I recomend these guys to everybody who has had a bad experience with an heating and air company. Im glad there are still companies who genuinely care about what they do.

Rachna C. Rocklin, CA Apr 15, 2013

Our air conditioning was not working and they sent out a technician. We were expecting to have to replace 12 year old unit, but the technician gave us an estimate and then told us that we could do part of it ourselves if we were so inclined. He was very honest and straightforward and we really appreciated it.

Instead of trying to confuse, obfuscate, exaggerate what was wrong, they made it easy to understand and gave us options.

Lori B. Roseville, CA Jun 19, 2013

Now HERE’S a business with integrity!  I received GREAT service beginning from my initial phone call all the way through the servicing of my air conditioner!  More than fair pricing, no hidden or extra charges for after hours or weekends.  Sergio explained everything to me as he went along. I had a good feeling about this company and they  proved me right!  Thank you!  I’ll be calling you again before winter!

George C Citrus Heights, CA May 28, 2013

If it wasn’t for a Sunday the system would have been installed faster. Everything went very well and works great. Much better than the 19yr old system we had.

Holly W. Antelope, CA Aug 21, 2012

I called environmental H&A after my air conditioner broke, and they called back in about one minute. They were able to accommodate me right away. I was very pleased with their availability during their busy season. Shawn came out and diagnosed the problem and laid out my options for me. I could put in a new part in my 20+ year unit and try to make it last a little longer, or get a new unit. Since I could not afford a new unit right now (even though they do offer financing) they fixed the old one without making me feel pressured to get a new one. They were very honest with the pricing and quick to find the parts since my unit had some irregular parts. Shawn was the nicest guy and was working in the best interest of the customer. He wouldn’t eat my brownies, but I guess it’s ok since he’s a diabetic.

The day after they fixed the unit we noticed the air wasn’t blowing out very well, so we called them to come back out and Shawn showed up within half an hour. It wasn’t anything they messed up on; it was an additional problem that they fixed for us free of charge. Overall, excellent customer service and very knowledgeable and honest. I am absolutely going to use them when I get a new unit in a year or two!

Sara S. Rocklin, CA Aug 26, 2014

We had an excellent experience with Environmental Heating and Air. They installed an AC unit at our place, needing to modify some of the existing ductwork and the like, and did so efficiently. We had to wait over the weekend for them to come out (due to the fact that we needed a crane to get the old unit off the house), so they gave us a portable air conditioner, free of charge, to use until they were able to fix the issues with our system.

Before we decided to go with EHA, the owner came out to look at our house on his own time after I told him I was going with someone else. He said that he wanted to win our business, and that if he could come out that night whenever it was best for us, he’d be willing to come on over. He gave us the best option for our house that we’d had, and he stayed to give us a quote and to bring back that portable AC unit I spoke of. This was some of the best customer service I’ve ever had.

Our AC works beautifully, and all the people who came out to look at the unit/work on the unit were great. We had a great experience, and I highly recommend them. They also gave us a pretty good price as well. Check them out!

Bart M. Roseville, CA Jun 04, 2013

Sean was excellent. He described the problem in detail and explained what the repairs would entail. Great job Sean.

Bagota S. Rocklin, CA Jul 28, 2012

One word Awesome!!!!!!!! Best customer service I have seen from a company in a long time I work in the customer service industry they’re very responsive get back to you on time and let you know exactly what’s happening technicians are wonderful appreciate you very much. Matt, Ashley, Joe great people.

Lynn R. Folsom, CA Jun 09, 2013

My A/C quit working on the hottest day of the year (Sat 6/8/13 at 108degree) during a large party at my house.  I called the company that I currently have a “Home Service Plan” with (on Saturday), and they couldn’t come out until Monday at 3pm-7pm.  I got onto Angies List and found Evironmental Heating and Air (great reviews and high score).  I called them on Sunday morning and they came out on Sunday at 4pm. Sergio arrive earlier than expected (Yahoooo) jumped right in and found the problem IMMEDIATELY.  Sergio replaced the part, reset the system and was gone in an hour or so.  I thought I was going to be charge at an inflated service charge since it was Sunday, but that was NOT the case.  The company was very responsive and fixed the problem honestly!!!  Sergio didn’t try to sell me on parts that were not needed, or invent “issues” that were not wrong with the A/C unit.  Sergio’s honesty, punctuality and service is to be commended. Thanks Environmental you were a life saver!

Ali. B Sacramento, CA Dec 02, 2011

This company is the best!   The staff is a pleasure to work with; no hard-sell or trying to get you to buy something you don’t need.  They’re punctual, clean-up after themselves and they are all very professional.  I will be calling them for any of my future A/C – Heating needs.

Jennifer S. Roseville, CA Nov 09, 2013

I scheduled an appointment for a client for a heating and air inspection.  Sergio was our technician.  He came out and spent close to 2 hours at the home.  He was extremely thorough with explaining what maintenance should be done and he gave excellent tips for how to keep the system running as efficiently as possible.  The service appointment was very reasonably priced.  I would definitely recommend this company for heating and air, they are honest and reliable.  Sergio our technician was great as well, I’d definitely ask for him again!

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$30 Off any Diagnosis, Maintenance or Repair** **Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Ali. B Sacramento, CA Dec 02, 2011

This company is the best!   The staff is a pleasure to work with; no hard-sell or trying to get you to buy something you don’t need.  They’re punctual, clean-up after themselves and they are all very professional.  I will be calling them for any of my future A/C – Heating needs.