Roseville, CA

Roseville, California had many different identifies over its time, it begin as a railroad city, then became home to the largest ice plant in the world in 1913. Originally most people moved to the city due to its rich agricultural land, along with the railroad the population of the city began to boom. With fruit shopping being a very popular business also boomed in the early 1900s.

The city is steadily growing and has continued to change with the times, nowadays the city of Roseville is known for its retail including one of the worlds largest Auto Malls in the county. However it’s not just auto sales, the city itself has the eleventh highest retail sales in all of California and it is considered a regional shopping destination. In was ranked in the top 100 places to live by CNN Money’s Magazine as one of “America’s best small cities in the country.” Residents that are lucky enough to call Roseville home rely on their local HVAC experts for all of their heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

Roseville Electric believes homeowners can save a lot on electric bills. In fact, Roseville Electric has a fund to assit homeowners when purchasing a new heating and cooling system. Learn more about the Roseville Right Size Program.

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Our Heating & Air system was about 18 years old when it started having significant issues where we began questioning the advantages of trying to repair it or replace it. We had one other company come out and give us their opinion, which was very pushy towards replacement. When we called Environmental H&A we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was the office staff wonderful with answering all of our questions and booking our estimate appointment, but the owner Matt is the one that came to look at our home.

During our estimate appt we were presented with a higher efficiency/higher priced system and also an option of lower efficiency and still a very reasonable price. We opted for the higher efficiency after much research on how it can actually cut down on utility bills, and have great comfort/temperature control.

Our system was just installed this last week and has been wonderful. Thank you Environmental for keeping our little family warm for the holidays (and many years to come!)

Christina M. – Roseville, CA

I scheduled an appointment for a client for a heating and air inspection.  Sergio was our technician.  He came out and spent close to 2 hours at the home.  He was extremely thorough with explaining what maintenance should be done and he gave excellent tips for how to keep the system running as efficiently as possible.  The service appointment was very reasonably priced.  I would definitely recommend this company for heating and air, they are honest and reliable.  Sergio our technician was great as well, I’d definitely ask for him again!

Jennifer S. – Roseville, CA

They were great. Also offer to share a lot of valuable info about my AC unit. Will use them again and refer them.

Jer Nelson – Roseville, CA

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$30 Off any Diagnosis, Maintenance or Repair** **Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Chelsea H. Roseville, CA Jan 21, 2011

I loved this company so much.  My husband and I just bought a new house and found out that the furnaces were on a recall list.  While this was a downer for us, Matt at Environmental Heating and Air Solutions gave us some awesome options to make it all come together.  He got us some great deals on some great furnaces and air conditioners.

As they were working they found some bad work and some horrible mold in the ducts.  Matt worked with us to figure out the most cost effective way of fixing these problems.

All the guys that worked on the project were all very professional, very kind, and great guys.  I joked with them all the time and it was great to see them when the came by to continue working.  And even though I told them not to worry about the carpet since we were replacing it the following week they made sure that they put sheets down to keep the dirt off of it and Matt even vacuumed it when all was done and said.

What a wonderful experience to get into my new house.  Thanks guys!  And I’ll invite you guys over sometime this coming summer to go swimming icon biggrin Chelsea H.   Roseville, CA