Folsom, CA

Located in Sacramento County the city of Folsom, CA is best know for the Folsom Prison. The city itself was established around 1850 when Joseph Folsom purchased the land in efforts to establish railroad, however It wasn’t until January of 1856 when the first train rolled through the city. The Folsom prison on the other hand wasn’t built until 1880 and became famous because of a popular song about a prison recorded by Johnny Cash in 1956. Along with bridges such as the Truss Bridge and Rainbow Bridge Folsom, CA has a rich history.

Today the city of Folsom may still be known for the prison, however residents would argue that there is much more to the city. With 32 miles of bike trails multiple museums and the Folsom Powerhouse, the city still has plenty of character. Residents rely on experienced HVAC experts in the area to keep their property comfortable and efficient .

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Ryan H. Roseville, CA Dec 12, 2013

I own an older home, and it  did not have a Hvac system. I know the sixties were all about peace and love but damn they were tougher and cheaper  than me..  (I think I am parsimonious, however, my friends call me a cheap bastard)  Why would someone build a house without Central heat and air..

My ac  wall unit did a great job at cooling a small section of my living room, but to no avail, it could not cool the rest of the room, let alone the whole house.  In addition, My heater suffered from Bi-polar. It would heat the central part of the house, but if a strong gust of wind came up it would blow  cold air and  toxic fumes back into the house. because of this the central part of the house would cool down. This not only effected me, it effected everyone that I had over.. I was I was dating a girl that actually told me she wanted to kidnap my dog and take her home because of sub-arctic conditions in my home..

In my search for a solution, I contacted 5 different HVAC companies. I had bids ranging  from $19,000- $8,000 because of this, I knew that something was amiss. When the contractors came for the quotes I acted like I had no idea what I was talking about, and played the “dumb card.’ The first four  companies tried to sell me systems that would not meet my needs and had questionable quality. My favorite lines and up-sell pitches were: oh well we have to get an  engineer out here to check your load capacity of your roof, and you need to run a whole new gas line for that, or my favorite  line of all ” you don’t need a permit for this, lets start tomorrow”

I was just about to give up, and invest in new more efficient wall units and a new sweater for my dog (the girl had since given up)  while I was work I was venting my frustration to a client. she laughed and said to call Environmental heating and air. I called, and a very nice girl named Ashley made an appointment for me. A couple days later the owner of the company came to my home, and went through the options with me. he made some recommendations, and gave me a multitude of options to choose from. He also showed me the different rebate options and how the different options would effect each rebate. No one else discussed this with me. He gave me a great price, and it averaged out.

As you may have guessed, I picked Environmental. The install went as planned, and they even removed the Bi-polar heater, and the overwhelmed Ac unit for free. This was something all the other companies wanted to charge for. At the end of each work day they cleaned up my home, and made sure I was informed of the days progress. I have had my system for a couple months, and am happy as a I could be! an added bonus,  people actually want to come over to my house, and my pup does not need a sweater…