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At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we know you want them to be as healthy and comfortable as possible. That is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality air conditioning repair for Carmichael, CA residents.

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Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is a local Carmichael Air Conditioning Repair service company. We have been serving the community for over 10 years. When you call Environmental Heating and Air Solutions, not only will you get fantastic customer service, but you can even talk to the owner. We only hire NATE certified technicians to assist you with your heating and cooling needs.

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Known as a CDP or census-designated place Carmichael, CA is located within the greater Sacramento Area with a population around 62,000 residents. Carmichael itself doesn’t have a municipal government however it operates much like a city or town. Don’t let the fact that Carmichael isn’t a city fool you, there is still plenty of interesting things for residents and visitors to do here.

To begin there is lot of outdoor actives mainly focused around parks in the area including Carmichael Park and Ancil Hoffman Park. Another popular outdoor location is the American River Bike Trail which runs along a portion the American River, and is even used by bikers that commute to Carmichael. With the hot summers and chilly winters local residents rely on local HVAC expert s to help keep their heating and cooling equipment running all year long.

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Cindy J. Folsom, CA Nov 08, 2012

I have had issues with one of my rentals for years. The system is old I admit and we have had multiple companys over the years come and tell us that the problem we had was too much work to be worth it to us and we just need to replace the system, wouldent even give us a price on what we needed to fix. Now my husband and I have 3 homes in the Cirtus Heights and Sacramento area and we seem to always get told this no matter what company came out. This summer my Tenant had a problem with one of the rooms in the back so exausted from the Butler and 1hr experience, I called Environmental Heating and Air. They sent a technician named Sean whom I spoke to over the phone. After he arived he called me about 40 min later. I was expecting the same thing, some one telling me its broken and cant be fixed blah blah blah… We talked for about 10 min and he told me that it was a simple that had come loose… 3 years of my tenant living there with no ac/heat in the bedroom and it was a duct. He explained to me what was wrong in very simple terms, even sent me a picture from his iphone of the problem and gave me very clear information on how he needs to fix it. I have never experienced one of these Ac technician guys talk to me like a home owner rather than an ignorant woman over the phone. These guys went above and beyond to help me with the problem at 1/3 of the cost I was quoted to fix it and 1/13 of the cost to replace it. I was so impressed that I signed up to have them come back to all 3 of my homes to make sure we keep everything up and running. Since then the only thing I had to do was pick up the size of filters we needed and leave them in the garage for him to put in on his visits. I recomend these guys to everybody who has had a bad experience with an heating and air company. Im glad there are still companies who genuinely care about what they do.