Heating System Repair

There are multiple scenarios as to what the problem with a heating system that isn’t working properly. With most types of repair, its always best to seek a reputable company with trained technicians to properly diagnose any heating concerns. This is because, some issues with your central heating can include things other than the furnace: other parts such as thermostats, wiring, and ducts.

Furnace Repair 

To help avoid additional expenses, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions will offer warranties on any repairs we complete. Using our NATE certified technicians  helps only eliminates the “do it yourself” feeling most homeowners have initially. In the end, it will actually save you money and cut the time your family goes without the comfort they deserve within their home.

Within the central heating repair industry reliability on Environmental Heating & Air Solutions has improved due to their ability to provide sensible plans that ultimately minimize homeowners heating bills. For example, EHA offers contracts for all repairs and maintenance, so you know you get the same excellent service on all your Lennox heating needs. Our contracts also offer warranty on all heating repairs done, which generally cover furnaces. Make sure that you have Environmental Heating & Air Solutions keep your family warm during the winter.

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Tina R. Lincoln, CA May 06, 2011

Just had a great/fabulous/super experience.  Took the afternoon off to have my AC serviced by another company only to find out they “forgot” about the appointment.  I called up Environmental Air to schedule an appointment and they sent someone out today to do the service!  Wow!  Talk about great service! And I don’t even have to miss more work!  Will definitely use Environmental Air from now on. Very professional and friendly.  Made some great suggestions on what we can do to extend the life of our unit as well.  All around great service and extremely helpful.  A++.