Maintenance Agreement

Our Maintenance Programs keep your system running at its best all year long!

Maintenance memberships have several benefits including:

  • – Upholding the warranty on equipment: Manufacturer equipment warranties are honored based on the maintenance requirements being met.
  • – 31-Point Safety and Performance Inspection Tune-up: This includes water heater inspection as well.
  • – Helps Extend the equipment Life and Improves Capacity: Regular Maintenance will likely reduce your utility bills and help keep the air in your home clean and healthier for your family.
  • – Discount on all services: Depending on which club level you select there is 5-25% discount on all needed repairs and discounted diagnostic fees (NO Diagnostic fee for Gold members). There are also additional discounts on new equipment and other services that the company provides.
  • – Priority Customer Status: You will be seen within 48 hours guaranteed, but usually we will have you seen within hours of your call. Our Club members are a top priority!
  • – No overtime charges: No matter what time you call or how long we spend fixing your system there will never be additional or hidden fees for services we perform.

Gold Membership

  • 2 Tune-ups a year ($230 Value)
  • 25% discount on Repairs
  • NO Service Call Fee ($89 Value)
  • 12 months’ worth of maintenance credited back on the purchase of a new system + 10% off New Lennox System
  • 3-year minimum agreement
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Silver Membership

  • 2 Tune-ups a year ($230 Value)
  • 15% discount on Repairs
  • $49 Service Call Fee (Normally $89)
  • 12 months’ worth of maintenance credited back on the purchase of a new system + 5% off New Lennox system.
  • If your system was installed by EHAS we offer the silver maintenance plan at a discounted rate of $140 a year ($11.66 a month)
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Bronze Membership

  • Receive one precision Tune-up ($115 Value)
  • 5% discount on Repairs
  • 6 months’ maintenance credited back on the Purchase of a New system
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