Tips for keeping your energy bills low this winter

First and foremost, we recommend maintenance! An annual furnace maintenance or bi-annual maintenances can dramatically reduce your energy bill and also keep your system working in precise condition!

  • Set your thermostat to 68° during the day and 60° at night. Every degree above these temperatures can increase your bill by 3%. Instead of turning up your heater, throw on a sweater or a warm blanket!
  • During sunny days, open your blinds or drapes! This will ad some heat inside your home, without having to run your heater.
  • Reduce the cool air that is coming into your home by placing rolled up rugs, or towels at the base of your door. This will cut down on the cool air coming inside, and help keep the warm air from escaping!
  • Keep your chimney damper shut! Warm air can escape though your fireplace and also allow cool air to come in!
  • Make sure all gaps in your windows, doors, bricks and attic are sealed! Gaps allow heat to escape into the outdoors, leaving you with your heater running longer- costing you more money!
  • Use ceiling fans! They’re not only for use in summer! Ceiling fans have a ‘reverse’ switch that will push warm air down.
  • Replace your furnace filters regularly. Most filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month. For more efficient filters, make sure to replace them at the correct time to reduce dirt and debris build-up blocking the airflow.
  • After cooking your family dinner, leave the oven door open a crack to let the heat warm your kitchen and dinning room.
  • In any spare bedrooms or rooms not in use this winter, close the vents! This will cut down on the wasted heat, and reduce your energy bill.
  • Have a wood-burning fireplace? Use it! Most fireplaces can heat a small house! This is a great way to stay warm on a night in with the family

What our Environmental Savings Maintenance Agreements do for YOU!

When you are a member of one of our Environmental Savings Agreement you have the ability to lower your energy bills, extend the life of your equipment, and ensure fewer system breakdowns or issues.

If your system has been installed within the last 5 years, Environmental Heating and Air Solutions recommends to have your system tuned-up on an annual basis. If your system is older than five years, we recommend for you to have your maintenance complete twice per year, once prior to the cold season maintenance and once prior to the warm season maintenance. This ensures that your system is running efficiently prior to any weather changes where you may require your heat or air conditioning to be used.

With our Environmental Savings Agreement you will also enjoy a 10-80% discount on repairs, priority customer status, no overtime charges, and we call you to remind you of your maintenance appointments to be scheduled at your convenience.

Find more details and information about our maintenance agreements click here.


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