Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Folsom, CA

As the intense heat starts to fade away in Folsom, CA EHA Solutions wants to review a few air conditioning maintenance tips anyone can use. First, to cut cost on energy bills you can open the windows is always an option, if tolerable. A cool evening is the perfect excuse to turn off the AC, save some energy and open up the windows. If you are looking for more than just a nightly break to save energy, we offer a biannual maintenance agreement on air conditioners. Sign up today and save 10% on your maintenance agreement.

Fall AC Maintenance Tips

Your air conditioner has been through a hot summer, we all know that. To make sure your unit continues to run strong, we suggest preventative AC maintenance. EHA offers a fall maintenance  service to assure your AC unit is running properly for the remainder of the summer. Do you wonder what a fall maintenance to your AC unit includes? Here you will find a detailed list of what the fall maintenance service includes.

General AC Maintenance Tips

It is important to keep your outdoor air conditioner unit clean from all dirt and debris. Also, if you have shrubbery around your AC unit, it is beneficial to trim the shrubbery off or away from the air conditioner. A good rule of thumb is to have two to three feet of clearance around your unit. These are general tips, if you have a serious problem call a NATE certified technician at Environmental  Heating & Air Solutions.


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