Lennox Sunsource System

Are your electric bills too high because of the area you live in? Well maybe its time to consider the Lennox Sunsoucrce System. With a home solar system your home will be powered by the sun, it can be used to cool and heat your home while providing electricity for the entire property. Environmental Heating and Air Solutions is your local solar power expert for Granite Bay, CA.

Lennox Sunsource Home Solar System – What is it?

It’s a free, clean and renewable home solar system. Using solar modules or solar cells located on the roof of your home, the cells will harvest energy from the sun to power your home’s lights and appliances.

Home Solar Power – Getting Started

First contact us, your local Lennox Sunsource specialist, so we can come to your home and ensure that a solar system installtion is right for you. Starting with your roof, we will ensure your roof is both big enough and that it gets enough sun to support a solar system. We will then check with your neighboorhood and home for any building restriction and ensure that you have necessary utility service and wiring. Finally all you have to do is start saving money thanks to lowered utility bills and government rebates.

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