What Can a New HVAC System Do For You?


New Technology

Conventional technology uses single speed airflows meaning it is all the way on or off, which creates temperature swings between cycle. Precise comfort allows for variable speed airflow, plus variable capacity heating and cooling, keeping the temperature held exactly where you want. Variable speed motors allow for the system to be run on a low speed and helps to eliminate the wear and tear of the start and stop operations of conventional motors.

Lower Utility Bills

Heating and Cooling can account for more than half of your homes total utility bill. Installing efficient HVAC systems can amplify your homes heating and cooling operations as well as ensuring that your Lennox equipment was installed and operating correctly. Ensuring that your ducts are completely sealed to avoid warm or cold air leaking into your attic or even outside will help the airflow reach the targeted rooms of your home. No more wasted energy!

Higher Efficiency

With a new heating and air system comes peace of mind. Lennox equipment comes with a 10 year parts and manufacturer warranty, and the equipment itself is the quietest available in the HVAC industry. Picking the right HVAC Contractor to complete your installation will allow for you to rest assured your comfort needs are a priority, as well as that all work completed meets code requirements, all permits are pulled, and HERS testing is completed.

Incentives & Rebates

When one of our Comfort Advisors comes to your home, they are able to review with you any incentives or rebates that your home or HVAC equipment may qualify for. Through the year Lennox may offer various promotions that may allow for a discount on your selected HVAC equipment. Your area may have utility rebates that you can take advantage of as well. Plus, dependent upon the equipment selected there may be tax credits available as well.