Why do you need to inspect my heating system in order to give me an estimate?

We are constantly asked “why do you need to inspect my heating system in order to give me an estimate?” As homeowners, we understand not wanting “sales” people in your home, but for us to do our job correctly we need to inspect your heating system before we give you an estimate. Each installation is unique; therefore it is essential that we visit your property before a bid or estimate is proposed.

What may impact the installation of my heating system?

Our experts are seeking answers to numerous questions when we do an in-home inspection on your heating system. Below are a few examples:

  • Restrictions of space: Are we installing the furnace system in a small or large area?
  • Sizing of a HVAC System:  Is your current system the right size?
  • Efficiency of a system: Are you aware of the costs and benefits of a higher efficiency system?
  • Positioning of a system: Is your current system an upflow or downflow? This helps determine the length of time it will take to anew furnace. Is your system sitting on a riser box? If so, is the riser box capable of holding a heavier system?

Installing a new heating is a big investment. If you are going to invest thousands of dollars, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions strives to provide our most precise estimate.