Heater Repair Signs

The following are signs that your home or business could need a heater repair. If your house is experiencing uneven heat distribution, meaning some areas/rooms are cold, while other areas are hot, your heater may need repaired. Another common sign is the heater making strange noises. The final sign that your heater may need repairing is the furnace or boiler will not turn on. If you are experience any of these signs with the heater at your home or office, call Environmental Heating & Air Solutions at  (916) 800-8866  or schedule an appointment on-line.

Minor Heating System Repairs

Minor heating system repairs will happen, with the exception of few and rare systems that receive annually maintenance for years upon years. EHA Solutions has the  experience servicing minor heating systems repairs ranging from adjusting the pilot lights on furnaces to repairing thermostats and repairing leaks.

Call Environmental Heating & Air Solutions to repair your heating system. We can be reached at (916) 800-8866 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work, when your heating system isn’t.