Questions to ask before buying an Air Conditioner

It is very common for air conditioners to stop working when homeowners are least ready for it to break. Most occurrences are on those hot days with 90+ degree temperatures. So now the situation is your home has no cool air, how do you know which HVAC contractor to use? The air conditioning experts at Environmental Heating and Air Solutions have provided questions every homeowner should ask before buying a new air conditioner unit.

Question: What is your license number in the State of California?

If you live in Roseville or a surrounding city, the air conditioning company needs to be licensed in order to perform the installation. Make sure the company installing your new ac unit has an up to date license and ask for proof!

Question: In your estimate, how did you determine the right size of system for my house?

When the technician or sales person visited your home, did he take measurements to perform a load calculation? What is a load calculation test? In essence, it’s a measurement that provides an exact sizing of air conditioner needed to meet the unique demands of your home. Not all homes are alike. Each home has many different variables such as windows, number of doors, sliding glass doors, vaulted ceiling, insulation and type of construction. This question is important because when you are making a sizable investment, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the right size system.