Air Conditioning Services

Your central air conditioning system plays a vital roll in keeping your family comfortable and healthy by providing ventilation, humidity control and cooling. We offer a wide variety of home and business cooling systems so you can choose the unit that fits your unique needs. We specialize in central air conditioning services like maintenance, repairs and replacement. We have become the preferred central A/C repair experts in northern California. Call today, we can handle all of your central air conditioning needs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Preventive Protection

Letting a certified professional perform maintenance on your air conditioning system will help avoid unplanned repairs and loss of cool air throughout your household. Our maintenance agreement includes a biannual check up to ensure your HVAC system is in peak condition all year round! We’ll contact you to set an appointment at your convenience and we promise to get the maintenance done in a timely manner.

We carefully inspect every part of your air conditioning system including: refrigerant levels, monitoring all voltage and amperage draw, checking primary and secondary drains, adjustment of components, as well as, cleaning the system. This will ensure maximum performance while increasing efficiency. Although your system may be working properly, it might still be costing you money on your monthly utility bills. Every year that your system goes without maintenance it begins to run less efficiently. Our objective is simple; provide your home with the highest quality maintenance to help save you money. Call us today to learn more about our air conditioning maintenance services or you can learn more about our air conditioning maintenance tips.

Air Conditioner Repair – Peace of Mind

There will come a time when, unfortunately, your air conditioner will break down, and most times it seems to happen when it’s the hottest in Roseville. During times like this its good to have an expert you know and trust to get your system running again. EHA has air conditioner repair technicians in Roseville that have the necessary training and experience to repair any make or model, troubleshooting the issue quickly and repairing it fast!

After finding the issue with your unit we can begin making repairs ASAP, always using the highest quality repair parts. We will give estimates on both parts and labor so you know exactly how much the job will cost and avoid any surprises on your final bill. Call one of our friendly staff members today so we can help make your home comfortable.